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Fifteen months by the mysterious disappearanceThe police don’t know where the 3 missing children are.
It’s been fifteen months since 3 children from Skopje and Kumanovo are missing and neither the police, nor their families got to know anything about them.

The police requested assistance from Interpol for this investigation, but still the investigation has not any particular effect that has been achieved.

On March, 19, last year, Mitat Ibraimi (8) disappeared from the place Jeldze from Sredno Konjari. He wore green blouse, blue jeans and brown booths. He was presumed to have fallen in Pchinja River, but despite the divers that searched for his body in there, there was still nothing found.

On 27 the same month, Dani Memedi from Sredorek, Kumanovo has also disappeared. He was last seen wearing white pants and colourful blouse. There was also a doubt that he drowned.

The next month, his peer and neighbour Mirsada Heldovikj also disappeared.

Unfortunately, one year later that those events happened, it is rare that someone remembers them.

All of that information can be also find on the page of the police, but that did not make the investigation process progress.

The biggest mystery of the past is the black jeep seen in the surrounding, that the neighbours found very suspicious, presuming that the children might have been driven away with it somewhere else. According to the neighbours, the jeep had no registration plates, while the people who got out of it, took pictures of the children few days before they disappeared.

Children in Macedonia started disappearing at the 90’s of the past century and it is still unknown whether they are alive.

Since the independence of the country, about 20 children are mysteriously missing.

Official figures given by Ministry of Inner Affairs, claim that from 2000-2009, 51 children were reported to be missing and 49 of them were found, out of which 4 were dead.

Experts comment that, the warrant shall not be the only method through which the police shall search for the children, but also provide other operative methods.

“The cases are unfortunately becoming outdated. The more the case outdates, the more they go in favor of the offender” says criminology Prof. Vladimir Pivovarov.

Immediately after this series of mysterious disappearances of children in April last year, the minister of inner affairs, Gordana Jankuloska said that the police inspect all possible scenarios and alternatives.

Translated by: Mila Damjanoska