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Children are still afraid to report abuse-On our free number 0800 1 22 22, from total 106 received calls only eight of them were from children. Children are silent and suffering violence, shows the report from First Children’s Embassy Megjashi. Nine year- old child called and reported violence from both of his parents who regularly drank alcohol, and then beat him along with the other children. On the free number 0800 1 22 22 from received 106 calls only eight were from children. 

 “Children have no courage to call, they don’t know whether to trust someone or not.. Frequently  violence is reported from friends, neighbors, relatives” explained Dragi Zmijanac, First Children’s Embassy Megjashi.

Children suffer most in divorce proceedings, usually when awarding custody disregarded opinion of the child about the parent it wants to live with. The youngest are in a maze, because social-centers have long procedures. There are examples when due to unresolved disputes minor children live with trauma, while institutions decide for award of custody.

“Services must be flexible in work and communication with children. The child has to be heard because, it’s already scared enough when it’s going to the police to tell what he had been through” added Jana Zengovska, psychologist.

Telephone line 0800 1 22 22 works 12 hours, Megjashi hope that institutions will implement the recommendation from Committee for the rights of Children, institutions provide adequate means for free of charge 24 hours line for help.