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Children are mute violence witnesses Only 8 children were brave enough to report the violence in their own home or school, to the S.O.S child helpline of Megjashi
A crying and upset child recently called the S.O.S child helpline of the First Children Embassy in the World- Megjashi, asking for help. He wept for help that will stop the family violence that he cannot bear anymore. The child threatened that in contrary, he would have taken his own life away.

“The child threatened he would kill himself, because he does not want to live with his parents, but with the grandparents who take a good care of him and respect him. At first we talked to the child with the purpose of calming him down. Then we required a contact with an adult he can trust on, after which we immediately contacted his grandparents who affirmed that their son and daughter in law are alcohol addicts that suffer problems of aggression.

As an embassy, we explained them the process and the set of institutions they need to inform. For the little nephew we offered free psychological problem. “

The inter municipal centre for social work decided to make supervision of the conduct of parental rights.

This is only one of the few cases of family violence, which in the beginning of this year were reported to the SOS number 0800 1 2222.

According to the NGO sector, children are not yet protected and are constantly exposed to violence and abuse of adults mostly. Most of the reports concern problems in the family where family relations are endangered.

”The children remain silent of the violence. They rarely report violence, because they are afraid. Those who report are adults close to the family, witness of the aggression to which children are exposed to.’’ according to Megjashi.

A confirmation of this is the fact that only 8 children are victims that got the courage to report the violence. Greatest number of reports, 20 in total concern family violence. Although the Family Law has been changed in terms of banning family violence completely, still this form is difficult to be removed.

“Children are the greatest victims and sadly, they are mute witnesses of everyday events. Home violence is most often connected to alcohol consumption. We received calls when both parents are alcohol addicts and torture children everyday.” according to Megjashi.

According to Dragi Zmijanac, CEO of Megjashi, family violence is mostly reported from children relatives, neighbors, friends who noticed the problem. Great number of the charges over the SOS phone line concern psychological and physical violence of children, but they are also cases which concern lack of protection for children. The youngest children face breaking of their fights throughout divorce procedures, violence at schools and etc.

Megjashi recommends that state institutions and centers for social work need to be quicker in determination of competences, social inspection needs to have a glance at  the work of social work  centers. It is also recommended that the ombudsman detects the failures of children protection and that he requires strict penalties of those who committed them.  Responsibility of the institutions must also be required.
 “Megjashi” required harmonization of the free S.O.S child helpline 0800 1 2222 with the European 6 digit number for help and support of children and youth 116 111.