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A step- father raped step- daughter and her friend08 of October 2011 15:19

In the police station in the municipality Gazi Baba, yesterday a mother of the minor girl reported that on the Wednesday her husband raped the girl which is her step-daughter.

The Police is undertaking measures for resolving the case in which 51-years old man from Gazi Baba is reported that in the morning on Wednesday, around 07:30 in their family house have committed a crime “sexual attack of minor under 14 years old.” According to the report, the girl has brought her step-brother to the school, and when she came back home went to sleep in her room, where the step-father came to wake up her because they should “finish some job, she knows about”. Because the girl didn’t agree, the step-father woke her up and forced her on a sexual relation. Two months ago, as stated in the report, in the family house as well, the step-father entered the girl’s room and told her that he is going to teach her how to have sex, but when she refused he started to force her by saying that he won’t give her pocket money, and won’t allow her to go out with the friends. Then he pull her arm, took her clothes off, and forced her to sex closing her mouth with his hand, so she couldn’t scream and ask help. On the end, he threatened her that if she tells someone “something bad will happen to her, and he won’t give her money.” The frightened girl didn’t tell anything even though the step father several times has touched her on the genitals, while her mother wasn’t at home. At the same day, a father from Kriva Palanka, previously contacted by the wife of the reported person, has reported in the police station in Gazi Baba that on 30th of September, around 8 o’clock his minor daughter, was called by her friend to go in the house of the step father, now reported for rape, because he threatened her to bring her friend for sex with him. When they arrived at home, the step father locked the door and said to the daughter of the reporter to enter the room of her friend. Then, he closed the door, and told her to take her jeans off. He forced her to take the clothes off, turned and pushed her on the bed, had sex with her and threatened for not saying anything.