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Vladimir TrajanovskiTwo Children Refugees, Adnan and Irfan, from Bosnia and Herzegovina Lived In My Neighborhood

 Words cannot express my gratitude for what you have done for many children all these years, for all the saved and protected lives. In the new 2011, I wish you more health, happiness and success. Just today I was watching photographs from the civil war in Yugoslavia, photos of the refugees from the beginnings of Megjasi. At that time I was 12, and I remember the symbol of the organization, even once I got a magazine that you published then, which I keep to this day. I am fascinated by all that energy, fight and desire you show for the good and welfare of all children, by the humanitarian and social moments that made First Children's Embassy in the World Megjashi a synonym of humanity. In those for many people turbulent years, many children arrived in Ohrid (where I live). In my neighborhood there were two children, Adnan and Irfan, almost my peers, who have become very dear to me and I constantly wanted to play and spend time with them. So I would like to ask you whether the First Children's Embassy has some data of all who stayed in the Republic of Macedonia, and could you tell me more about these two kids (probably some records were kept). I see that many of these children, their loved ones now comment on those times and those photographs and I am glad they are fine. Looking at these photos, I remember those times too. Thank you once again and I wish you even greater success in future!