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The third suspect was arrested for the murder in the high school “ГУЦ” http://dnevnik.com.mk/?ItemID=BFABE2E0F81DE1459FFBCC73D411DAC0

Оlder brother of DS (16), suspect for murder of Muhamed Ali Jasari, was arrested for complicity.

од First Children's Embassy in the World Megjashi Republic of Macedonia во четврток, 14 април 2011 во 20:24

Skopje, 13.4.2011 David S. from Skopje, older brother of DS (16), suspect for murder of Muhamed Ali Jasari, was arrested for complicity. Both brothers were hiding from the police, but, accompanied by their father, surrendered to the police last Monday. From the Ministry of Interior they do not give information about any charges against the father.
In  the meantime, parents of the students of 3rd and 4th year of Zadravko Cvetkovski high school held a meeting yesterday and talked about the recent events.

“We , the parents, are responsible for lack of attention for our children, but we wonder about the responsibility of the school. We pay for security in schools and we expect more safety,” said one of the parents.

Others   think that children should be advised about the respect of others and how to avoid such incidents. Some of the parents do it on time, while other ones forget about it.

The  First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi yesterday expressed the deep concern about the lack of security and safety in schools.

“Was  it necessary to happen the worse for starting with some pedagogical and educational measures for better safety in schools? Will finally the Ministry of Education and Science understand that promoting activities for resolving conflicts and peace education in all segments of education could help in prevention of violence,” say from Megjashi.

From  the Embassy say that there are security services, but no one works on prevention of violence.

“We  believe that only with Strategic partnership between public educational institutions, civic organizations, media, dedicated individuals and parents, schools without violence and development of culture of peace is possible outcome, letting Macedonia grow to grow without treats of violence,” say from Megjashi.

Translated by Petar Todorovski