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Raped and Pregnant By Her Own FatherTV KANAL 5, 24.5.2011 Journalist Maja Jovanovska
Raped and Pregnant By Her Own Father Raped and pregnant by her own father – appalling testimonial of girl from Gostivar She has been raped by her father for two years. Nineteen years old girl from village near Gostivar informed the police that she was pregnant by her father. 

Everything  started two years ago, when she was 17 years old juvenile. According to her testimonial her 42 years old father forced her to sexual intercourse in their house, in front of her step-mother. The personal hell of this 19 years old girl from Gostivar area has lasted whole two years. Her 42 years old father has raped her, but she remained silent. Her step-mother witnessed her hell, but she did not stop the abuse against her own child. The girl reported the father-monster yesterday. She became pregnant by him. She’s been silent and suffered because her father threatened that he will kill her and kept abusing her.

- Probably   she lacked support by her closest relatives to unveil this. Children are silent because of their fear of loosing the only fosterer they have, and in our society it’s usually the father. Other reasons could be traditional and cultural, especially avoiding to embarrass the family – said Dragi Zmijanac from the First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi. Unfortunately, the 19 years old girl was not the only victim of the father, but he also tried to rape her two years younger sister. From Megjashi appeal the father to remain in custody, because his children are afraid of him.

- The   father has been doing this for several years and he is suspect. Our commitment is keeping him in custody until his guilt is proven. If he remains free, according to previous similar cases, there is possibility for him to pressure the victim to change the statement – said Zmijanac from First Children's Embassy in the World MEgjashi.

Punishments  for pedophilia and incest have been increased with the Criminal Code, but the sexual abuse against children was not prevented. The punishment is minimum of eight years in prison, but in the meantime neither the victim is protected, nor is the rapist under control once he leave the prison.

Translated by Petar Todorovski