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Jovo DimitrijevicDear Vesna if you only knew how I happy I was when I got your message through this “box”. First of all, how are you? I often think of you and all the good people in Skopje, where I spent two years as an exile out of my native of Sarajevo only because someone slandered me as a Nazi. I was all alone, and you accepted me as if a member of your family. When I say YOU I mean all the good people who gathered around the Children's Embassy to help the people from BH, led by Kole, Goca and Dragi. There was my temporary home as well. You and your colleague reporters, especially from RTV Skopje, helped me regain my human dignity, to walk with self-esteem once again. I tried, as long as possible, to extend my activities in the program of the Children's Embassy for taking care of all refugees and exiles.

I will always remember your work in music education, and the time we spent together, when you and your sister helped me recover my faith that I would see my loved ones again.

Your children's choir, which I really liked to listen to, always reminded me of the “Children of Becka”.

Dear Vesna what the Children’s Embassy in Skopje did cannot be measured on any scale. The words ‘thank you’ are just a small fraction of what should be said. We, now scattered all over the world, should just speak the truth and it will be enough, at least in that way, to repay to the good people at the Children's Embassy from Skopje and Macedonia. Very often, whenever a disaster happens in the world, and unfortunately they happen more and more often, I say that the Children’s Embassy in Skopje should be a role model to many humanitarian and charity organizations and how to help those who suffer.

Greetings to you and to all the good people at the Children's Embassy in Skopje and Macedonia.

Vesna Dimcevka is a conductor of the Children's Choir Pikolo and a former member of the First Children's Embassy in the World “Megjasi”.