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Childhood without violenceReview Daniela Trpchevska

Locked, starved, abandoned from the parents, who should take care of them. Such destiny suffered a child from the inside country. A year of survival in his family home, powerlessly to deal with the nightmare it was actually living! This shocking story that could nobody leave indifferent, was recently revealed by the Children’s Embassy Megjasi . This story it’s just another confirmation that family dramas are still present, and the victims are still innocent children. This Golgotha remains hidden behind the walls of the home. Parental negligence and abuse remain hidden also, away from the neighbor’s eyes. This 9 year old child, wishes joyful childhood, like every other. He desires companionship, and parents who would take care of him. But instead of this, what did it got? Closed doors, no friends with who can play with, no food, no maternal care, not a peaceful sleep.An SOS call to the phone of the First Children's Embassy Megjashi exposed this dreadful destiny, of this 9 year old, whose parents divorced. One year wandering along the institutions spends the father, to prove his custody. It was needed a year for the institutions to save the child from that nightmare, that could ended with tragic epilogue. Why these kinds of cases remain hidden from the public eye? Where are the institutions to interfere in the violated family relations? The magical circle almost always begins and ends at the same place- to families and social services.If once one of these links deduct, the burden falls on the shoulders of the most innocent, destroying their childhood.


Translated by:Anastasija Jovanovska