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Workshop “Responsible parenting” The First Children`s Embassy in the World as part of the project Childhood without abuse – toward better system for child protection in Eastern Europe in November organized a supervision on the topic - Responsible parenting.

The participants of the Local Supervision were professionals from different institutions, representatives and directly engaged in the child protection system in Macedonia (representatives form almost all Residential institutions in Republic of Macedonia (Public institution “Domicile for babies and little kids” - Bitola, Public Institution Child’s Home “11th October”, Private institution “SOS Children’s Village Skopje”, Public Institution for caring, upbringing and educating children and adolescents “Ranka Milanovic” – Skopje, Public Institution for children with educational and social problems “25th May” – Skopje, Public institution for rehabilitation of children and adolescents - Skopje), Sector for internal affaires – juvenile justice department, First children’s embassy in the world).  

The participants had an opportunity to gain knowledge about the different aspects of parenting: The importance of the first year of the development with accent of the psychological development, the role of the father and primary symbiosis with the mother, recognizing the early problems in parenting, Basic knowledge of systematic family therapy: family cycles, Ego-states – different kind of communication with the child, Basic communication terms which can influence the child positively or negatively, Different approach of parenting, Types of negative parents, Approach toward increasing the parental capacities, “Life positions” of the parents which are leading toward violence or empathy toward the child.

The transferred knowledge regard the above mentioned theme have increased the capacities for providing proper care to the children, with accent of love and acceptance, building “I am Ok, You are Ok” life position in the children which will give an opportunity for safe and happy childhood. Furthermore, they also could analyze the positive and negative aspects of parenting (sometimes unintentionally conducted) and the impact of these aspects upon the children, especially in different stages of family cycles and different age of the children.