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UN: Around 750.000 pedophiles lurking on the Internet About 750,000 permanent paedophiles continuously lurking on the Internet in order to establish contact with children, warned the United Nations (UN) in their last report.

"The number of sites for child pornography is growing. The number of paedophiles who have permanent access to the Internet increased to 750,000, "stated Nadzhad Maala, a special reporter on child pornography and child prostitution.

According to UNICEF data, there are over four million sites that show minors, including children under the age of two.

In addition, the daily spread around 200 new recordings, stated Maala and added that the production and distribution of recordings with child pornography carries between three and 20 billion dollars annually.

”The recordings that shows sexual exploitation of children, not only grows, but they become even more shocking,” stated Maala. According to his data, between 10.000 and 100.000 minors are victims of child pornography networks./end/bg/st.
daily around 200 new videos