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Promotion of the documentary "Broken Line"On November 12, 2009 in the Journalists' Club in Skopje was promoted Nenad Vukosavljevik’s documentary movie "Broken Line", produced by the Center for Nonviolent Action Belgrade - Sarajevo, supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland and the Ministry of International Cooperation and Development - Germany, in partnership with the First Children's Embassy in the World Megjashi and Peace Action - Prilep.

The objective of the documentary “Broken Line” is to help in bridging the existing ethnic divisions in the Republic of Macedonia, by presenting the opinions of greater range of people who directly or indirectly experienced the conflict of 2001, which is often experienced as a conflict between Albanians and Macedonians.
The documentary was filmed during 2008 in the Republic of Macedonia and relates to the causes and consequences of the armed conflict in 2001. On their experiences and perceptions associated with this period, in the movie are included to speak those dealing with politics, intellectuals, those who took arms, "ordinary" citizens, both male and female, those who were rarely asked for their opinion ...
The idea is to hear different perspectives from both sides. We strongly believe that this documentary will contribute, rather than deepening the gap, in building a bridge for bridging this gap.

The promotional included the speakers: Ana Bitoljanu, Nenad Vukosavljevik and Kadri Hadzhihamza, moderated by Gordana Pirkovska Zmijanac. After the projection, it included conversation with the audience.

At the promotion invited were representatives from the NGO sector, peace activists, and representatives from the academic community, government institutions and media.

Promotion of this movie was also held in Prilep on November 14, 2009. This promotion included the speakers Ana Bitoljanu, Nenad Vukosavljevik and Luan Imeri, while it was moderated by Goran Taleski.

For more information, see: http://www.nenasilje.org/