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Police suspect that mother killed her child Tuesday, November 3, 2009, 05:30 pm 
29 years old Suzana Dzhanovik from Dracevo near Skopje is suspected that yesterday beat to death her 7 years old son Selmir. The investigation shows that the child was hit with a hard object on the head and had bruises over the whole body. 

Last night around eight o'clock, the child was transported to the local polyclinic by the mother and the owner of the house where they were renting an apparent. The child died in the hands of the doctors who immediately alerted the police. The house on the street Taki Daskalot number 1, where Suzana Dzhanovik lives with her 4 children, was empty today. Neighbors are abstained about the case.

While the mother was detained in the police, the other three children are cared for in a foster family. Under investigation is another man who pandered the mother in prostitution. In the meantime, the body of the defunct Selmir is sent to autopsy, which should show the reasons for the death.

The First Children's Embassy Megjashi reacted on this case and accused that social workers do not do their job.

The head of the Center for Social Work in defense states that they react only if signal is received from neighbors or the police. In this case, they received the first information yesterday, when Selmir already died.

Tripled is violence against children in Macedonia in the recent period-this was registered by the official statistics of the NGO sector.

Pandorche Dimitrioska