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OMBUDSMANRepublic of Macedonia

NP No. 2458/09

September 18th, 2009


The First Children’s Embassy in the World “Megjashi”

Subject: Information


Regarding your writ, in which you state that Sitel Television broadcasted a material (interview) with a juvenile child who spoke about the family violence over him, and during this no measures were undertaken for protection of the identity and the privacy of the child, we inform you that the Ombudsman approached the Council for Radio Diffusion.

Referring to the provisions of the legal framework and the sub-regulations which regulate the issue of protection of children from information harmful for their development, and starting from the best interest of children, the Ombudsman emphasizes that this institution advocates for encouragement of all children to report any form of violence and supports the media to actualize this issue, supporting timely reactions and undertaking measures for protection of the child, as well as measures against the person who commits violence. But, we have underlined that in each case the integrity of the child, his/her personality and privacy should be protected.
According to the Ombudsman, during broadcasting of such cases in the public, for which the public awareness should be raised, one should anticipate the possible negative consequences on the child, and consider the best interest of the child.
For obtaining complete information on this case and providing appropriate further activities under the writ, according to Article 24 of the Law on the Ombudsman, the Ombudsman required complete investigation on this case and undertaking measures for protection of the children, as well as measures towards the media if it is to be determined that violation of the legal provisions exist.
Deputy Ombudsman
Nevenka Krusarovska