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NEW DETAILS ON THE BRUTAL HOMOCIDE IN DRACEVO NEAR SKOPJEThe mother who killed her child pregnant with twins

The mother who killed her child, could get a replacement of the detention in the prison "Skopje" with house arrest or hospital detention, in a case if her defense proves that she has serious health problems


Her stay in the detention is not entirely guaranteed despite the difficulty of the offence she committed with the cruel homicide of her child.  There is opportunity that she gets out from the detention in the prison "Skopje”, if with the medical claim and evidences that prove she has serious health problems, her defense goes before the investigating judge and requires alternative measure to the prison sentence.
From sources in the investigation we found out that the mother is six months pregnant and cares twins.

Experts warn that there is possibility that the prison detention is replaced with house arrest or hospital detention. 

“The suspect Dzanovik is not an isolated case, but the rules are the same and are relevant for all suspects. If doctors claim and suggest that a suspect has health problems and if the medical checks prove that and guarantee that he or she cannot stay in custody, then other solutions are sought and the court determines alternative measures determined by the Law" explains the investigative judge of the Department for Organized Crime in the Basic Court Skopje Vladimir Tufegdzik.

The case of the child murder caused by beating of the seven years old Salmir, who was beat by his mother raised many questions related to the indolence and incapability of the state institutions.

"The social workers can not give an ex the trace”, says Dragi Zmijanac, Director of Megjashi. "How could the police have such a big record on her illegal work, while the social workers could not find her. It shows that the centers of social work do not maintain a special record of the children victims of domestic violence. The employees of the centers should be in the field daily, to early detect the conditions in the families under risk and prevent possible violence and abuse of children in the dysfunctional families”, argues Zmijanac.

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