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NEW CASE OF PEDOPHILIA REPORTED TO MEGJASHI Possible new pedophilia scandal in the Basic School “Partenija Zografski” in Kisela Voda. Two days ago, several second-grade students after the sports class were abused in the fitting room by a student of the Faculty of Physical Education. He forced the children to undress and made them touch each other.

This awful event was reported to Megjashi’s SOS telephone line by a concerned parent whose child attends the same class with the abused children. From the First Children's Embassy they say that according to the claims of the parent who called them, the student along with his several colleagues were conducting practical

classes in the school, together with the regularly employed physical education teacher.

- After the class ended, 6-7 students (boys) stayed in the fitting room, along with one of the interns, who, according to the statements of the calling parent was 20 years old and probably not from Skopje. In the fitting room, he inappropriately behaved with the children, was insulting them and forced them to undress, to touch their genitals, measure, pull ... addressing them with the words "Let's see what you have there, lizards or snakes”. Then, he threatened them saying that they should not tell anyone. The children, traumatized by the event immediately complained to their class teacher, who then, together with the school pedagogue individually questioned all children about what happened - says Angelina Chalakoska, psychologist and coordinator of the free SOS line in Megjashi.

The parent who reported to Megjashi about this terrible pedophilia event informed that yesterday the school called for urgent parents’ meeting, which was attended by the children, their parents, the school principal and students.

- The children immediately pointed out at the student who is accused for this event, but the other students stepped in his defense, accusing the children that they made it up. For this case we informed the Ombudsman and will follow this event to the end - says Angelina Chalakoska.

Today nobody from the school Partenija Zografski expressed readiness to talk about this unpleasant event. In a telephone conversation with Sitel, the school principal stated that they examine the case. What exactly happened two days ago in the fitting room he promised to explain tomorrow.