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Money-boxes informationIn the period from June to December, through the moneyboxes for donations by citizens that the First Children's Embassy in the World - Megjashi placed throughout Macedonia, citizens donated total of 175,735 denars. During this period, the full moneyboxes were replaced with new ones on the following locations: Tinex (Chair, Flower Market, MAT, Hrom, Bunjakovec, Rade Koncar, Kisela Voda) with a total of 38,551 denars, Tediko (Vlae, Veles 4, Veles 2), with a total of 9,070 denars, Ramstore with 7,144 denars, Zito discounts (Veles - Fontana, Veles, Gjorce Petrov) with a total of 20, 601 denars, Hotel Klimetica-Ohrid 1,741 denars, Hotel Drim - Struga 5,524 denars, Hotel Donco - Ohrid 150 denars , Commercial Bank (Debar, Kicevo municipality Aerodrom) 30,874 denars, Hotel Tino - Ohrid 1,421 denars, Hotel Granit 2,860 denars, Hotel Belvedere 3,983 denars, Pevec-Gostivar 11,478 denars, Cosmofon - One (Bitola, Kumanovo) 42,402 denars. The opening and counting of the moneyboxes was monitored by a Commission, attended by the following: Petre Bliznakovski, Slobodanka Bogoevska, Zarko Zmijanac, Ivana Ivanova, Biljana Zlateva, Nadica Antic, Emilija Janeva.
We express our gratitude to the citizens, who, with each donation in the moneyboxes, demonstrated their desire to support the work of the First Children's Embassy in the World - Megjashi.