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Megjashi: Condemns the attack and requires better oversight by the social centers Regarding yesterday’s unpleasant event during which a seven years old boy was beaten to death, being hit with an object late yesterday evening in a house in Skopje’s neighborhood Drachevo, reaction arrived from the First Children's Embassy in the World Megjashi with calls for prompt and appropriate reactions by the Centers for Social Work which are necessary for protection of many victims of domestic violence, especially youth and helpless children’s destinies.

"The last case of beating a child, which ended with death, confirms our concerns and numerous reactions for more effective action by the Centers for Social Work, which should have insight into the dysfunctional families and families at risk, to supervise the exercise of parental right, to undertake measures of temporary foreclosure of parental authority, until the relations in the family are not set to ensure children's safety and protection, which is a priority parental responsibility", says the written reaction of Megjashi sent to the media.

From the First Children's Embassy in the World “Megjashi” they indicate that the Centers for Social Work foreclose the parental authority only after severe injuries and consequences for children occur. It is emphasized that the mechanism of foreclosure of parental authority after an accident already happened, is just a punishment, not prevention and protection that will provide the child a secure children's development.

The First Children's Embassy in the World, has so far repeatedly appealed and alarmed that physical punishment against children in Macedonia is increasing. Specifically, the data from the SOS telephone for children and youth 0800 12222 show that compared with 2007, when violence was present with 13.4 percent as a problem children faced and had the courage to report, the number has tripled in 2008 when the physical punishment and all forms of violence against children is represented by 32.5 percent of total calls.