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Local Training II:Theme of the Local Training – Child rights and protection the child rights
The participants of the Local Training were representatives from First children’s embassy in the world Megjashi: volunteers of the free SOS phone line at the First Children’s embassy in the world – Megjashi: Educators, Pedagogues, Jurists, Social workers, Psychologist,)  and 13 children from Skopje and 6 other cities in Macedonia, part of the project Building a culture of child participation.

The training was conducted by Mrs. Dragi and Gordana Zmijanac, trainers for child rights. The program of the training was organized as group work, individual work, interactive games, and plenary discussions.  The training was aimed toward increasing the knowledge about the child rights especially among the children, participants at the training. Trough theoretical and practical insights they had an opportunity to understand what are their basic human rights, what kind of type of violating exist, how they can protect themselves and where they can ask for help and protection.  In that direction the children was introduce with the work of the SOS phone line and what kind of help and protection can be provided for them trough this line.

In the interactive way the volunteers and the children had had exchange information regarding the problems in the area of child rights and the ways of providing help and protection.

The participants used this training to get familiar with the child rights, the ways they can be violated and the most important the ways in which children can be protected. On the other hand the volunteers at the free SOS phone line had an opportunity to hear directly from the children what are their fears, problems and needs.