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Criminal charge for the mother that beated to death hers 7-years old son Wednesday, 04.11.2009 |  Мacedonia

МOI today filed criminal charges for murder against Suzana Dzanovikj (29), connected with the case of seven years old child S.Dz. who was beaten to death.

- Regarding on other criminal charges, institutions that should be informed depending on the type of the charge were in time informed. We already gave initial information about the profile of the perpetrator, especially because he belongs to a risky category. Of course, that without any exception all of the institutions have responsibility for this type and category of people, stated the Minister of Interior Gordana Jankulovska, after the meeting today with the Director of the Secretariat of the International Strategy for Disaster Reducing of the united Nations (UN / ISDR) Salvano Brisenjo, accompanied by Paola Albrito, Regional Coordinator for Europe in Skopje, the Center for Management with Crisis. 

On Drachevo on the street named “ Taki Daskalot” number 1 before yesterday around 23:00 the child S.Dz. was beatened to death. The child had injuries on his had and body, probably caused by a hard object.

The injured child on the Policlinic Drachevo was transferred by the owner of the house S.N. (49) in which house lives the mother Suzana Dzanovikj (29), citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with temporary residence in Skopje, with three more children.

Police detained his mother and took measures in order to clarify the case.

Today we received an reaction to the First children embassy in the world “Megjashi” with an appeal for prompt and appropriate responses and reactions to the Centers for Social Work which are so important for protection of many victims of domestic violence, and especially for the children.