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Abuse in Kumanovo Twice rapped a teenager Twenty-seven years old habitant from Kumanovo, D.A. for the second time earned criminal charges because he raped 13-year-old girl, who lived with her in a conjugal union. Her mother, 43-years old U.M. will account for dereliction and harassment of her minor daughter because she allowed the minor to be "wife" of 27-year-old man.

Kumanovo police yesterday informed that the "husband" rapper for only two months after for the second time was filed criminal charges against him for rape of a minor child, that still is under her14 years. Even-why the Centre for Social Affairs were informed with the case in July when the habitant of Kumanovo sexually abused the minor girl, they didn’t succeeded to prevent the action. Hence we have obtained firstly the Director Gordana Stojanovska, which didn’t wanted to comment on the case.

-“I don’t know you, I do not know who you are and I can’t give you a statement by telephone. Here we work with many parties and…” to which we immediately presented our selves and who we are and why we are looking for her.

The Director refer us to Nikolovska Jasmina, who worked as a psychologist at the Centre, but, unfortunately, when we called her in office, she wasn’t there. Her colleague told us that she doesn’t know what kind of information to give to us, after she informed us that Nikolovska is on vacation, referring us to her mobile phone, but again she was unavailable. And while these terrible rapes happen for second time in Kumanovo, the director already had left her office, after which we didn’t received an answer to the question whether anyone is handled for the abused girl.

From the First children's embassy “Megjashi” were disgusted by the trauma that endures the 13-year-old girl, and their attitude will be communicated after they review the case. According to the Ministry of Interior, even-why the rapper from Kumanovo knew that it was a juvenile, with a 13-year-old girl he lived in companionate marriage in his house. The mother of the girl, by the negligence has left behind her parental duties and according to police, she allowed her daughter to live with adult male. The first criminal charges for the rapper was submitted in July this year, and yesterday is filed another charge for the mother and the "son in law."