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70% of the children doesn’t know their rights Мile A. Risteski Children's rights in Macedonia massively are being violated. Of these around 70 percent doesn’t know their rights.

A dire poll Indicators of the  Megjasi: Over half of the 2235 respondents said that have violence in their school, even 21% confirmed that they suffer from domestic violence.
"Either hiring a social worker in the school, or social workers should be on the field and be in all dysfunctional families every day in homes with children where there is a problem," stated Dragi Zmijanac,

The right to a happy childhood have all, but it isn’t so in practice. Up to 2000 children in Macedonia are on the streets and they still begging. Over 18,000 children don’t go to school. Those present in teaching process, it is difficult to decide to talk with the teacher or sociologist.

In the Parliament today is signed the Document for cooperation with UNICEF 
"Always the students and parents should talk openly about any problem," says Ivana Nikolovska, a sociologist at the Primary School "Lazo Angelovski.
Macedonia has signed the Convention on the Rights of the Child since 1993. In the Parliament today was signed the document for collaboration with UNICEF.

Македонија е потписничка на Конвенцијата за правата на детето од '93-та година. Во Собранието денеска потпишан и документ за соработка со УНИЦЕФ.

"Children are not the property of their parents, nor are passive recipients of mercy," stated Sheldon Jet, UNICEF.

"Much more effective is prevention rather than sanction," says Trajko Veljanovski, chairman of the Parliament.

Declarative efforts are one, appropriate professional staff, staffing, training, mobility on the terrain, and availability of social centres are just some of the challenges that need to be worked much more.


Children have their own rights, its not allowed to marginalize their problems, but experts conclude - that Centres for Social Work in Macedonia doesn’t have enough capacity, will and knowledge on time to detect violations of the rights of children, which obviously exists.