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Trening for confilct resolution

In the period 09-13.01.2008, in hotel Gradche, Kochani, a basic training in the area of nonviolent conflict solution was organized as a part of the project – Developing democratic schools and learning and living peace. This project is in its initial stage, and it is carried out by Forum ZFD and the Training Center for Conflict Management.

Twenty five Professors from six secondary schools in Skopje participated in the training:

1.      Mihajlo Pupin

2.      8 Septemvri

3.      Boro Petrushevski

4.      Gjorgi Dimitrov

5.      Cvetan Dimov

6.      Zef ljush Marku

The training was designed for professors motivated to get involved into activities of mediation, peace building, human rights protection, gender equality, working with children and youth, as well as tightening their mutual understanding and confidence.

The training addressed the following themes: communication, identities, prejudice, discrimination, understanding conflicts, nonviolent communication and gender role in society.

The training team included: Ana Bitoqani (PDAS - Megjashi - Skopje), Gordana Pirkovska - Zmijanac (PDAS - Megjashi - Skopje), Albert Hani (Conflict Management Training Centre)