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The judges are being too tolerant towards the pedophilesThe lifelong imprisoning penalty is still “on the paper”

The lifelong imprisoning penalty hasn’t been given to any of the many pedophiles despite the fact that the sexual abuse of children phenomenon, which is mostly done over teenagers, is getting more and more frequent recently. As of the frequency, the litigators have decided to involve a more rigorous penalties over the cases of pedophilia; the least rigorous is a three years one and the most is a lifelong imprisonment. But as it is notified by the First Children’s Embassy “Megjashi” the judges are still adjudging the minimal penalties which unfortunately can be considered only as stimulating fact for repeating of the same crime by the perpetrators. The representatives from “Megjashi” are wondering what else should happen to the children victims in order to make the judges start to adjudge more rigorously. Pursuant the Criminal Code, at least 10 years of imprisonment  or a lifelong one is being adjudged when in cases of child abuse there is a case of a aggravated injury, death or other aggravated consequences, or even if the crime is being done by number of pedophiles in a especially brutal and humiliating manner. According to Dragan Zmijanac the executive manager of “Megjashi”  if a perpetrator is being totally isolated it can be of a preventive help in performing further sexual molesting  over children but done by the same perpetrator and at the same time it will be a warning to all other potential cases of pedophilia as well. D-r Nikola Tupancevski, professor of Criminal Law has explained that most probably the lifelong penalty has never been adjudges before because of the fact that is has been accepted recently.”As of my opinion none of the pedophiles has been adjudges with the lifelong penalty so far due to the fact that as an amendment it has been adopted recently and of course it is something new to us. However, the verdicts such as 12 or 15 years of imprisonment are saluted, which means that the tendency is changing, therefore if the verdicts were varying around the minimum, now they vary around the legal maximum”- stated D-r Tupancevski. In the previous period the reps from “Megjashi” gave their word for almost each verdict over pedophilia. They directly were emphasizing that the penalties are least rigorous and that each pedophile should be adjudges more severely, as of the fact that almost all ex convicts are repeating the crimes.

A huge revolt and discontent was shown after the verdict over Jove Kostadinovski from v. Sasavarlija who was sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment for an assault and rape over 13-years old boy, a dependant of the Homeless Children Home “11 Oktomvri”. They were worried about the destiny of this child, who has 3 weeks been sexually abused and in order to increase this revolt, it was known that this pedophile has been sentenced already for a similar deed twice before. Kostadinovski’s first time of sentencing was for an abuse over juvenile girl and the second time for a sexual abuse over an older woman. “Megjashi” reps recon that this pedophile who has been sentenced for a third time already, is fulfilling all the conditions to be adjudged a lifelong penalty, pursuant the article 188 from the Criminal Code. A discontent was shown even for the verdict according to which Trajce Petrovski from Bogomila was sentenced for a 15 years of an imprisonment, as for a sexual molesting over his 12-years old daughter and her friend. Same reaction was shown for the verdict of two elderly men, Trajco Efremov(13 years of imprisonment) and Rade Petrovski (10 years of imprisonment), both pedophiles from Dolno Guganci which many times have abused a 13-years old girl. Child psychiatrists have warned that as of this type of abuse the children are getting longtime consequences over their mental development. Due to this fact, many times “Megjiashi” reps have pointed out and requested that pedophiles, especially the ones that have already being sentences for a similar deed, should be sentenced to a lifelong imprisonment. In Macedonia during the first 6 months of this year there has been registered a total number of 32 criminal acts against a sexual freedom and sexual moral done over juveniles.

Microchips, chemical castration or a capital punishment

In Norway the pedophiles are being impressed a microchips as so the police will identify what is their location at an every single moment and the same method is being expected to be implemented in England as well. In Denmark a chemical castration is performed over the ex-con-pedophiles and the president of France is urging for the same thing too. For the countries that are being considered as less civilized, the capital punishment is the only verdict for the perpetrators.


Vreme, no 1491, 09.10.2008