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Partnership project between The First Children Embassy in the World MEGJASHI and the Coalition “All for fair trials” Project title: Reduction of the sexual exploitation and chil-dren abuse in the Republic of Macedonia

The main objective of this project is to protect of children and their integrity through direct action of reducing the sexual exploitation and abuse. The project aims to achieve that goal through raising the awareness among children in Macedonia, their parents and teachers, as well as the NGO sector, media and relevant institutions, through various activities. The project aims to contribute towards:

better informed and pro-tected children, parents,

institutions, better protected children, providing recom-mendation with main aim to improve the legal system in the Republic of Macedonia

The project activities can be grouped in three main groups:

1. Trainings and workshops for NGOs, Centres for Social Work, Judges and media as well as for the free toll SOS help line for children and youth and Free legal service;

2. Presentations/workshops for children, parents, teachers and media aimed at raising awareness and enhancing their knowledge;
3. Preparation and publishing of educative materials, and preparation of other useful resources: web site, guide, booklets/flyers, brochure with research results and legal analysis of this phenomenon, with given references for changes of the legal regula-tion, as well as the institutional reform in the part of prevention of the children from sexual abuse.