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Multidisciplinary approachIn the hotel Porechki Biser in Samokov, in the period 10-12.12.2008, the First Children’s Embassy in the World “Megjashi”, organized a training on – Multidisciplinary approach to Violence upon and Neglect of Children – Identifying, Understanding, Intervening.

The training was attended by twenty seven participants in total, eight of which were from Bulgaria as representatives of Bulgarian institutions and civic organizations, and sixteen were from Macedonia (representatives of the Court and the Inter-Municipal Center for Social Affairs – Skopje, the Daily center for children – Skopje, SOS children’s village – Skopje, the juvenile prisons in Skopje and Ohrid, and representatives of the civic sector (Children’s Embassy – Megjashi).

Lecturers on the training included:

Mr. Stanislav Petkovski, specialist in Medical psychology, systemic family therapist, transactional analyst, visiting professor from Italiana Academy.

Mr. Kevin Brown, professor of Forensic and Child psychology at the University of Liverpool, Great Britain, valuator of OAK Foundation, manager of the project – Childhood without violence – to a better child protection system in East Europe.

All of the participants had an opportunity to gain professional knowledge in the area of systemic therapy and transactional analysis; the importance of communication to every person and all the undesirable side effects acquired by every human being that is deprived of sufficient and appropriate communication with the family and beyond; the life positions emanating from the types of communication.

Furthermore, Professor Stanislav Petkovski discussed parenting; in fact, we got acquainted with the types of negative and positive parents, as well as the types of families. Among other things, we got acquainted with the types of ego states and how they can be identified. The training abounded with examples from everyday life, practice activities, the results of which were presented at the end, and finally, evaluation questionnaires. 

In the course of two lectures, Professor Kevin Brown gave us an opportunity to grasp the importance of early detection of families exerting violence over and neglecting their children; namely, the extent to which prevention helps reducing the number of children who spend their childhood in violence and neglect, as well as the side effects of such childhood which, more often than not, result in deviant and criminal activities in the period of puberty. Even later in life that sort of youth will choose to engage in criminal activities.

Moreover, the negative side effects of the institutionalization of children at an early age, particularly when separated from their mothers, were discussed as well. A multidisciplinary approach to prevention of violence over and neglect of children was introduced as a most appropriate prevention measure against such occurrences.

At the end of the training, the First Children’s Embassy in the World –“ Megjashi” awarded all the participants with Certificates for participation in the sub-regional training.