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Milica Paneva and Metodija Najchevski winners of certificateCertificate

Result from the contest for giving gold, silver and copper volunteer certificate of Youth cultural center-Bitola (Volunteer center of Macedonia) for 2008.

On the announced national call for granting of volunteer certificate for 2008, volunteers from diverse fields applied in the citizen’s sector of R. Macedonia. Distinguishing are the impressive biographies and achievements of all proposed candidates and YCC-Bitola as volunteer center encourages all of them to continue with even greater motivation and be example of all other prospect potential volunteers.

Gold certificate for volunteer work was granted to Rahela Georgieva qualified social worker of the Organization for women in Municipality sveti Nikole.Rahela in 2008gave her contribution for improvement of life of the young through volunteer participation in the project for development of children and YouthVavilon Center Sveti nikole and Vavilon Center Lozovo as coordinator –mentor of the project Promotion of voluntarism with children and youth on the territory of West Balkan  and preparation for citizen’s and democratic municipality that includes 150 volunteers fro the municipality Sveti Nikole and wider.

In August 2008 she participated on training for mentors in Novo Mesto, Slovenija. As a result of her presentation in November 2008 she participated on the International meeting of the Organization of the association for development of volunteer work form Novo Mesto, Slovenia, with aim to share the experience as a volunteer and mentor and to present the volunteer Law and its implementation as well as development of voluntarism in Macedonia in the presence of representatives form Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia, Crna Gora and Croatia.

The silver certificate was given to Tome Trajkov, executive director of Jekipe from Veles. Mr. Tome Trejkov despite being known in Veles or his restless spirit and long termed engagement in the social activism in more fields, in 2008 gave a effort as a volunteer in the project Inclusion of the children Romas in the nurseries, supply of costumes and travel expenses for performances of the folklore section Jekipe in Kumanovo and Bitola, supply of computers and other technical equipment for foundation of Romas youth educational center in Veles. Further more Mr.Tome Trajkovski has participated in the work of Strip center of  Macedonia from Veles and volunteering participated in the organization of the sixth international saloon of Strip and formation of youth Strip school in Veles.

Copper certificate for volunteer was given to Mihajlovski Igor, president of the bowling club “Motika” from Bitola that was founded on his initiative in 2007. Following the world bowling, Igor began with realization of his idea-affirmation and development of the bowling in Bitola, and with it, of the bowling in R. Macedonia. All his effort and energy are voluntary. In 2008 with national trainings on is young bowlers Adrijan Kochishka, Katerina Jolevska and Hristiijan Trifunovski,they participated on the world cadet championship in Zadar, which was the first time Macedonia to have cadet male and female selection. Adrijana Kochishka achieved greatest success and entered the first 15 female bowlers on her age in the world. Another good example of volunteering in the sport is Igor Mihajlovski.

Special certificate for long term volunteer engagement has been given to three distinguished workers form the citizen’s associations “Association of organization of women of Macedonia, to Mrs.Savka Todorovska and to Mr. Metodija Najchevski and Ms Milica Paneva from the Children’s Embassy “Megashi”.

Translated by Biljana Stefanovska