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“Let’s not allow our children to be raised by the television”Skopje, 28th of November (MIA)- “Let’s not allow our children to be raised by the television” is the campaign that is promoted today by the Counsel for radio-diffusion in order to increase the conscience for prevention of the juvenile audience from TV-shows that influence badly to their physical, mental and moral development.

Through the campaign, the national, regional and the local TV stations will broadcast 3 clips with a messages intended for the parents so they will be urged and cautious about the TV-shows that their children are watching. The clips are showing examples with inappropriate behavior of the children as a result of them being left in front of the TV and the inappropriate care of the parents.

Through this campaign the Counsel for radio-diffusion is appealing to the children to be protected of the shows in which, according the monitoring mostly frequent are the examples of publicly shown vulgarity or publicly and thoroughly shown of morbidity.

According Dragi Zmijanac from the Firth Children’s Embassy “Megjashi” the messages from the campaign confirm the information that the children are being left to themselves alone in front of the TV sets and there is a solitude and alienation within the families.

“I appeal to the media, production houses to respect the rules and categorization of the TV-shows and I especially appeal to the parents to give more of their attention when children are in front of the TV i.e. not to let their children to be raised by the TV, “-said Zmijanac.

According to the President of the Radio-diffusion Counsel Zoran Stefanovski the Rulebook for protection of the juvenile audience from TV-shows that might badly influence over their physical, mental and moral development is not being respected totally, meaning that the media does not set the proper signs for categorization of the TV-shows.

“The public service Makedonska Radiotelelvizija started implementing the rulebook and the other TV stations are doing it timidly and without continuation”, said Stefanovski and added that the Counsel can now use many less rigorous sanction measures which need to become more severe.

Stefanovski is expecting an improvement of the conditions after the amendment of the Law for Radio-diffusion activity will be adopted on the bases of adjustment with the Penal Code.

“As of then we will be able to get more authority in terms of adjudging of the sanctions. When they become monetary and adjudged regularly for each misdemeanor I am not sure if the media’s owners as well as the executive editors will let to be under sanction by the Counsel”- said the President of the Radio-diffusion Counsel.

The Law for Radio-diffusion, according Stefanovski, is not treating the protection of the juveniles over their exposition towards the Programs on Internet, but they are surely working on to set up the part of the IP Television.

The clips for the campaign which were firstly broadcasted at the promotion, are originally produced by the National Audiovisual Counsel in Romania, through the “Phare” Program of the European Commission. The Radio-diffusion Counsel has provided all these through the assigned protocol for cooperation with Razvan Popesku, the President of the Counsel in Romania.