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International Conference for SOS hotline for children

The First Children’s Embassy “Megjashi” is a member of CHI (Child Helpline International) which is a world network for SOS hotline for children and youth. From 16th to 20th of November 2008 the 4th international Conference for SOS hotline for children was held which was sponsored by the Royal Highness Queen Rania Al Abdulah and Jordan River Foundation and under organization of CHI. At the conference there were 163 participants from 83 countries, representatives of civil organizations and UN. The only participant from Macedonia was Gordana Pirkovska Zmijanac- program manager of the First World Children’s Embassy  “Megjashi”, who stated that at the conference there was a great atmosphere for exchanging of experiences, knowledge, networking, discussions, making  partnerships, ideas and plans for further activities, and a feeling that all of the ones that are being aware of the important role of the SOS hotline importance of the children were there at the same time and the same place all together. It is also noticeable the introduction of the two representatives of SOS hotline for the Children of Balkan and the agreement in 2009 for starting up the activities that will increase the quality of the favors and ambit of the children on the region.  The conference presentations, the speech of the Queen Rania and some other detailed information can be found on the following links: