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Cre8tive8 Imagine Your Future

Cre8ive8 are delighted to announce the Imagine Your Future Final Screening Event taking place:
on Monday, 23rd February 2009,
starting from 1930h,
in Cinemateque of Macedonia.

The Screening event would successfully complete the DigiTales project circle in Macedonia.
This would be an amazing opportunity for young people to show the DigiTales they have produced to wide audience and to sound their opinions and aspirations for the future.
Basically, during the event, more than 130 guests including people from the public life will have the chance to see all 21 DigiTales created by young people participating in the three DigiTales Workshops. These DigiTales represent the voice of young parentless people, young Roma and Turkish people in Macedonia in a creative and innovative way.

All DigiTales will soon be uploaded.
It will be our pleasure to invite you to watch these pieces of creative work.
The DigiTales are evidence of how young people can use creative media to express their ideas for positive changes and better future.

Imagine Your Future is a British Council project within the Living Together programme which aims to empower and develop young leaders from minority and migrant communities across South East Europe, giving them the tools to articulate their ambitions, promote positive perceptions for their community and contribute to social change.  The project provides a platform for sharing their vision with the wider public and increases understanding of minority and migrant lives in Europe. 

DigiTales is a digital storytelling project involving young people making short films about their lives. During the 3-day workshops, people learn how to write a script, record a voiceover and edit photos and drawings into a two-minute film.
The seven month project implementation in Macedonia, Sep 08 - March 09, involved organisation of three workshops during which young people gained new skills and were empowered to use the DigiTales technique. The workshops have been organised and managed by young trainers from Cre8ive8 Youth Media Production and strongly supported by Metamorphosis Foundation.
Participants in the workshops came from:

First Children's Embassy Megjashi http://www.childrensembassy.org.mk
Sumnal http://www.sumnal.org
Analytica http://www.analyticamk.org