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Youth camp for cultural exchange, respect and tolerance - Backi Monostor, Sombor, SerbiaFrom 21-31 July 2008 in Backi Monostor, Sombor, the youth camp for cultural exchange, respect and tolerance was held for the seventh time. More than 70 young people between the age of 18 - 24 from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary and Macedonia participated in the camp. The representatives from the First Children’s Embassy in the World - Megjashi and Macedonia were Slavica Josifovska and Gjurgjica Petrusevska - volunteers of the Embassy Megjashi Children’s Workshops. Surrounded by natural beauties and the river Danube, the young people could choose two from the six compulsory workshops: shiatsu - Japanese massage, music workshop, wall newspaper, theatre workshop, graphic design workshop, radio workshop; where as in the afternoons they could attend the optional workshops in self-defense, yoga, handmade bracelets and recycled paper design. They enjoyed ten wonderful days filled with fun and lots of creativity.

Gjurgjica Petrusevska: “I simply enjoyed the atmosphere and the surrounding. I made lots of new friends, there were young people from many countries whom we exchanged experiences on volunteer work with, as well as on how young people live today. I have learnt many new interesting things, which enriched my creativity. Most of all I liked that now that the camp is over, I find that my horizons are broader, and my soul is more open.