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Second International Conference Children and Youth - Safe on the Internet Warsaw, Poland, September 18-19, 2008 
The First Children’s Embassy in the World - Megjashi, with Tatjana Janevska as a representative, attended the Second International Conference “Children and Youth - Safe on the Internet” which took place in Warsaw, Poland, on September 18 and 19, 2008.

The organizers of the conference were Nobody’s Children Foundation, NASK Research Computer Network, Clicksafe - Germany and TP Group Foundation.

25 partnering organizations attended the conference and contributed with their lectures. Among them, a presentation had GO Internet Hotline Provider Macedonia.

Apart from the citizen sector, representatives from schools and ministries for education, legal subjects, the government and the industry participated at the conference.

The main issues of the conference were the various aspects and topics about children and youth and their safety when using the internet, cell phones and games, as well as the dangers that emerge from the internet such as paedophilia, pornography, cyber violence, illegal contents etc.

The purpose of the conference was to raise the awareness on the new challenges and possibilities in the battle against the dangers on the internet, and how to help spread the best practice among various sectors which emerge as subjects for work on the field of internet safety. The lectures were given by renown international experts on child protection.

Tatjana Janevska made the following statement:

“The use of this conference for me is enormous, especially because I coordinate the project Safety and protection of the children and their rights on the internet, which was realized in partnership with the Metamorphosis Foundation. I had the opportunity to obtain the most direct and resourceful information on the danger of children and youth when using the internet, from the top European experts. Experts from the European Comission who were the first in Europe to begin the system for protection of children and youth when using the internet, on the grounds of the emerging dangers of the rapid growth of the IT industry. This results in the need for raising the awareness among children and youth on the use of modern technology such as cell phones, video games, internet etc.

For us, from now on, it is an obligation as a citizen sector, but also as responsible community who cares for the young population, to implement the knowledge gained from the conference and to cooperate with all involved subjects in the country and in the world, with joined forces and shared examples from practice to walk side by side with the technological developments and to enable the internet to become a safe place for our children and youth.