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Safety and protection of children and their rights on the internet - CRISP
The project for Protection and Safety of the Children on the Internet (abbreviation - CRISP) is run by the Metamorphosis Foundation in partnership with the First Children’s Embassy in the World - Megjashi, financially supported by the European Union.

The project has a goal to raise the awareness on the existing dangers that lurk the children on the internet if they don’t know how to use it properly, education on how to protect themselves, as well as creating resources with useful information on this subject intended for children, teenagers, their parents and teachers.

For this purpose a web site was created ( www.crisp.org.mk ), which contains numerous useful things for children and teenagers, their parents and teachers. There are also advices and instructions for a safe and joyous use of the benefits of the internet, general information on the internet as a medium, the possibilities it offers, the dangers that it carries and the ways to protect oneself from them.

The contents of this website ( www.crisp.org.mk ) are adjusted to users of different levels (from those with minimum knowledge about the internet, to those that are its regular users), as well as of different age categories (primary school pupils, teenagers and adults).

During the period from June - September 2008, the project Safety and Protection of Children and their Rights on the Internet (CRISP), continued with its work.

June - a month in which 28 primary and high schools throughout the country were finalizing the education phases for children, teenagers, teachers and parents, with lectures by which all three categories of citizens were informed about children’s rights when using the internet, as well as the possible dangers that emerge nowadays with the rapid growth of the IT technology.

During this period, 3144 pupils, 411 teachers and 421 parents received the education.

July - period during which reports were gathered on the education from the lectures conducted in schools.

August - period in which evaluation of the first questionnaires given to all attendants of the education was evaluated, at the beginning of the lectures, refering to gathering of general information by questions asked about the use of the internet and the level of  knowledge of all three target groups on the existing dangers on the internet, as well as questions on protection in those cases.

September - second questionnaires were conducted for evaluation. 

These questionnaires aimed to help evaluate the project in its final phase, with the opportunity to view the level of knowledge in the issues mentioned earlier, before the lectures and after. For this purpose, second questionnaires were prepared in order to finalize the analysis of the safety condition when using the internet before and after conducting the lectures.

 The period June - September was widely covered by the media on the subject safety and protection of the children and their rights on the internet.

More information on the project, as well as on the reports and articles in the media, which contain useful information for both the children and their parents, can be found on the web site Safe on the internet www.bezbednonainternet.org.mk or www.crisp.org.mk.