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Report on donations from the charity boxes June - September 2008 
From June to September in the charity boxes the citizens donated a total of 59,614.00 MKD. During this period the full boxes were replaced by new ones on the following locations: Ramstore Mall - Skopje 14,639.00 MKD, Tinex 24,924.00 MKD, Aleksandar Makedonski Airport 4,331.00 MKD, Tediko - Skopje 7,040.00 MKD, Neptun - Skopje 4,730.00 MKD, Tehnomarket - Skopje 1,450.00 MKD, Okaidi - Skopje 2,500.00 MKD. The opening and counting of the boxes was conducted by a board of three members. The opening and counting of the boxes was attended by Petre Bliznakovski, Jasminka Petrova, Hristina Argirovska, Borce Stojanoski, Branimir Jankovski and Vlado Mircevski.

We would like to thank the citizens who, with each donation in the charity boxes, support the activities of the First Children’s Embassy in the World - Megjashi 

Basic training in non-discrimination


From 10-12 June, 2008 in Skopje, a basic training in non-discrimination took place, conducted by the Macedonian Centre for International Cooperation (MCIC), supported by OBSE’s Mission in Skopje.

Megjashi’s representatives on the training were Meri Naumova Davcevska (office assistant) and Jasminka Petrova (lawyer - volunteer).

During the training the participants gained practical skills on the field of basic human rights, equal opportunities and non-discrimination. As we have been informed by our representatives Meri Naumova Davcevska and Jasminka Petrova, the training consisted of theoretical part on human rights, practical exercises and team work. “The theoretical part paid special attention on the international regulative for human rights, the system of the United Nations, the European Council, OBSE and the European Union’s legislation, as well as on the current condition in Macedonia. A film was projected which showed various forms of discrimination,” - reported our participants.

Youth camp for cultural exchange, respect and tolerance - Backi Monostor, Sombor, Serbia

From 21-31 July 2008 in Backi Monostor, Sombor, the youth camp for cultural exchange, respect and tolerance was held for the seventh time. More than 70 young people between the age of 18 - 24 from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary and Macedonia participated in the camp. The representatives from the First Children’s Embassy in the World - Megjashi and Macedonia were Slavica Josifovska and Gjurgjica Petrusevska - volunteers of the Embassy Megjashi Children’s Workshops. Surrounded by natural beauties and the river Danube, the young people could choose two from the six compulsory workshops: shiatsu - Japanese massage, music workshop, wall newspaper, theatre workshop, graphic design workshop, radio workshop; where as in the afternoons they could attend the optional workshops in self-defense, yoga, handmade bracelets and recycled paper design. They enjoyed ten wonderful days filled with fun and lots of creativity.

Gjurgjica Petrusevska: “I simply enjoyed the atmosphere and the surrounding. I made lots of new friends, there were young people from many countries whom we exchanged experiences on volunteer work with, as well as on how young people live today. I have learnt many new interesting things, which enriched my creativity. Most of all I liked that now that the camp is over, I find that my horizons are broader, and my soul is more open.

Registration for the Children’s Workshops

Within the framework of the First Children’s Embassy in the World - Megjashi, as every academic year, registration for membership is organized for Children’s Workshops in 2008-09.

Children can register for the following workshops: computer science, theatre and literature, art, applied arts, as well as foreign language workshops in English, German, French, Italian and Albanian; math, pen pal writing, learning assistance, journalism and education on human values workshops.

All children who would like to spend their free time usefully, educationally, creatively and joyfully, may apply for membership at the First Children’s Embassy in the World - Megjashi and attend the Children’s workshops for a monthly fee of 600.00 MKD. The children whose parents are users of state benefit, as well as children with lack of parental care and refugee children are free from the fee.

Each group consists of 10-15 children.

All children between the age of 4 and 16 have the right to membership.

Each workshop meets once a week at a particular time and lasts for 90 min.

Children’s Workshops will begin working on November 3rd (Monday), 2008.

Registration can be made every work day from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm by phone on 2 463 900 and 2 465 316, or in Megjashi’s facilities on Kosta Nvakovik St. 22 a

The registration period closes on October 31st.


All children who would like to become members of the Embassy Megjashi, may do so throughout the whole year.


Contact - Hristina Argirovska, volunteer of the Children’s Workshops.

Summer circus workshops for children members of the Embassy Megjashi

This summer, the Children’s Embassy Megjashi and the children from Skopje had the opportunity to be a part of the circus workshops held in Macedonia for the first time.

For this opportunity, the greatest contribution was made by the 24-year-old Macedonian Vasil Tasevski, a student in circus arts for three years in France.

His wish to present the circus in his native country Macedonia, after the months of effort, finally gave prolific results. With four of his colleagues, young circus actors from various countries in Europe, on July 28 he began the circus workshops, which took place at the yard of the Children’s Embassy.

According to Vasil, the circus arts represent a bridge between sports and artistic practice and serve as a mediator or a wealth of acceptance, of meeting with the other.

Although the circus as a form of art is almost non-existent in Macedonia, as well as on the Balkans, Vasil finds it possible to push the cultural habits farther, to direct young people towards a contemporary European culture, and to open cultural spaces which are still aiming towards more classical forms (theatre, dance, music).

We are sincerely thankful to Vasil, Remi, Mathew, Encatrine and Mathew.

As a result of the 5-day’s work in the circus workshops, on tha last day - August 1st 2008, at the First Children’s Embassy in the World - Megjashi, a closing performance took place, which was prepared by the children members of the Embassy and the volunteers from France from the Circus School - National Centre for Circus Arts (www.cnac.fr).

The performance consisted of a presentation of skills and knowledge for a circus show, and was performed in the yard of the Children’s Embassy.

During the five days, the children who attended the workshops for skills and knowledge in circus performance, acquired certain skills and presented them in a short show.

The program involved five kinds of circus techniques: juggling, acrobatics, balance, actor’s play and trust in the partner.

The performance comprised of two parts of interpretation. The first part of the show, the children who attended the workshops played, whereas the students from the Circus School - National Centre for Circus Arts - France performed in the second part.