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Report from the Free Legal Service, June - September, 2008
During the period from June - September 2008, the free legal service of the First Children’s Embassy in the World - Megjashi reacted to 20 cases, demanding protection of children’s rights. Namely, for three of the cases, requests were sent to the Centers for Social Work throughout Macedonia, to the Ombudsman or to the appropriate state institution. In 17 cases, petitions were sent to the Ombudsman, and in 5 cases legal help and legal advice were offered to the people who addressed to the Embassy Megjashi.

The requests referred to the following problems:

- Physical violence over children during school hours;

- Family violence over children and parental/guardian irresponsibility on educating and raising children;

Requests which were addressed to the relevant institutions:

- The most frequent petitions were sent to the Ombudsman;

- Two requests were sent to MCSR for parenthood, physical and mental molestation of a child;

- Request to the Office for Promotion of social activity for child adoption

Besides the requests and petitions, the free legal service of the Embassy Megjashi offered legal opinion and prepared legal documents to the claimants.

We have a wonderful cooperation with the Ombudsman, we receive answers and information on regular basis to the petitions we send.