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Childhood without violence - Regional program for a better child protection system in Eastern EuropeSince September 2007, the Children’s Embassy Megjashi has been enrolled in the conduct of the regional program “Childhood without abuse - towards a better child protection system in Eastern Europe”. The program began in 2005 and is going to last until 2009.

The First Children’s Embassy in the World - Megjashi was chosen by the bearers of the program - Nobody’s Children Foundation from Poland as the National Coordinator for Macedonia. In mid-September 2007, the official agreement for cooperation was signed.

The following activities are scheduled for the period to come:

- Trainings on the subject interdisciplinary work, for interdisciplinary groups;

- Sub-regional training for Macedonia and Bulgaria which will take place in Macedonia on the subject interdisciplinary work with experts participants from the field of pedagogy, social work, psychology etc.

- Local supervision;

- International supervision;

- Participation on international or national conference;

- Meeting of the coordinators;

- Publications;

- Campaign SEE, HEAR, SAY. The parents who are beating up their children, are trying to hide it. This campaign will be promoted through leaflets, which will contain information that may help everyone who wants to report domestic violence, as well as where and how to do it.

- Telephone help line where people will be able to call and ask for information (free SOS line for children and youth 0800 1 2222).