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“A World Without Borders” under the motto “Like a Cloud” 
From 25-30 August, 2008, in Osijek, Croatia, the children’s manifestation “A World Without Borders” took place under the motto “Like a Cloud”, on which 60 contestants participated from 15 countries, and which was organized by the association for work with the young “Breza” (“Birch”). The Republic of Macedonia was represented by the First Children’s Embassy in the World - Megjashi with three representatives and three children.


The First Children’s Embassy in the World - Megjashi participated by creating Children’s Embassy in Zedaland. Surrendering to the magical world of children’s imagination, our embassy issued passports for the adults called Zedaports, owed a box of smiles, a kettle of anger and a chair from which the child stands up best.

We were helped by the children from the Children’s Village Vladimirovce, which is 20 km away from Osijek. The preparations for the event - Children’s Embassy of Zedaland - lasted for 5 days (21-25 August), and was performed in the Children’s Village Vladimirovce.

Special thanks to all employees at the Children’s Village Vladimirovce, for their warm welcome and support in the preparations and realization of the workshop - a Children’s Embassy in Zedaland.

During the 5 days’ period in the old town Osijek, many workshops were organized (children’s embassy, African dance, Japanese dance, life sculptures, chocolate factory, photograph workshop, sculptures from hay etc) which in the end, on the last evening, were joined together in the wonderland of children’s imagination, Zedaland.

On the last evening, the main event “Zedaland” took place, which was attended by a large audience of children and adults who could enjoy for a moment in the world of children. The event itself was a wonderful closure of all previous activities of the workshops.

Text from Dragana Sankovik,11-year-old:

“The project itself was really cool. A great idea. A wonderful idea. It was amazing from the first to the last day. We were visiting various workshops for five days (Japanese dance, body-art, walking on wooden legs, chocolate factory etc.). We made lots of friends and learned a lot of new things. We were preparing the children’s country Zedaland.

In Zedaland the time was measured by flowers, tea is called “gona”, the wind “saka”, and the socks - “lemi”. But I musn’t forget about the chocolate world. Beautiful and delicious. The chest of secrets - make a wish which is valuable to you, take a feather from the chest, place it under the pillow and the wish will certainly come true. In Zedaland you shop with candies and smiles. Time is sold in jars and is bought for everything you need. I bought myself time for ice-cream, for a swimming pool and for a longer summer.

I have so much to say, but you can’t describe everything. You have to go and see it.

These are my final words:

 Zedaland lasted briefly and is now over, but the memories of it will endure and will remain forever in our hearts.”