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Having in mind the recent cases of violence in several schools in the last few months and the most recent one, which ended tragically with the death of Muhamed Ali Jasari, the First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi expresses its concern about the lack of security of children in schools. Also we express our deep condolences for the death of Muhamed Ali Jasari.

Is it necessary for the worse to happen to make us start with pedagogical and educational measures for more security of children in schools? When will something be changed regarding the responsibility of teachers, psychological-pedagogical services and school principals as being not only responsible for the learning success of the children but their education and behaviour as well? Children, parents and the community need answers to these questions while waiting for specific measures from the Ministry of Education and Science. An 18 years old young man was killed. He just wanted to help his friend Darko! The death happened in the school yard. Who will take the responsibility for this case? Why is there a lack of preventive programs and activities against violence at schools? Will the Ministry of Education and Science finally understand that including activities of nonviolent conflicts resolution and peace education in all segments of education would help to prevent violence? 

Violence in schools happens almost every day. Children are scared, as well as their parents. There are security guards at schools, but nobody works on the prevention of violence and nonviolent conflict resolution. Children are not safe at schools and the official authorities can not guarantee their security.

For many years, the First Children’s Embassy of the World Megjashi has stood for nonviolent conflict resolution, especially in multiethnic schools and has promoted the idea for peace education in Macedonia. Peace education is essential for addressing daily violence, sharing values of peace, dignity and respect for others and to provide adequate means of nonviolent conflict resolution in every day life of children and youth in the community. Promotion of peace as a basic social value and the exclusion of violence as a way of handling conflicts are the best prevention. Peace and nonviolence mean to display commitment and to take action against injustice in order to bring about a change and to show solidarity with those who suffer from discrimination and violence. For that reason, the influence of education in schools and families are crucial to the development of nonviolent behaviour among young people. Peace education allows for an early prevention of violence by changing attitudes, values and skills of how to deal with conflicts and fosters the adaptation of new skills for positive social communication.

The First Children Embassy of the World – Megjashi believes that only a strategic partnership between governmental educational institutions, non-governmental organisations, the media as well as committed individuals and parents can foster a peaceful school environment and contribute to the development of a culture of peace allowing Macedonia future to grow without the threat of violence.