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Institutions taken over by the case of raped sisters

The horrible case of the two girls who three months have been victims of sexual abuse by their father, seems to overtake the responsible institutions, so yesterday they unconvincingly rejected all the responsibility for the incident. The First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi, Republic of Macedonia sees the guilt for all the case in the Skopje Center for Social Welfare (CSW) which was responsible for the taking care of the two little girls in the sleeping quarters in the Skopje village Ljubanci.


-We ask CSW to take the responsibility . How is it possible for them not to take in consideration information provided by MIA that the father of the two girls has long criminal record and is registered alcoholic? Considering this acknowledgements, why did the Center not take any process for taking away of the parental right?-blames Dragi Zmijanac, Executive Director of the First Children’s Embassy in the World Megashi.


From the intermunicipal Welfare center say that they did everything in accordance with their responsibilities.

-The children were situated on demand of the parents, because due to the poverty they could not provide them with the sustainable facilities for life and development. We accommodated the children in the sleeping quarters, where they have eaten and slept during the week, like all other children. They went home for the weekends. No one could suppose that the father would behave in the way he did, and in this case the whole responsibility is his -stated Krsto Manjanovski, Director of the Skopje Center for Social Welfare.


According to the state inspectorate for labor and social work the children were accommodated in the social institution, and began the procedure for taking away of the parental right of the father-monster and the mother, who was not involved in the case, but still has responsibility for her own children.

Still no one can say if the social workers have been informed about the criminal record of the father-monster and why they hadn’t done anything to protect the children.

-Probably the social workers were oriented towards the main reason of their accommodation, the  poverty, but they should have done regular visits to the parents of the girls-said Dushko Minovski, State Inspector at the Ministry of Labor and Social politics.


As we have informed, the police from Skopje detained the father monster this weekend, who together with is friend during the weekends for three months sexually abused the both little sisters, seven and eight years old.



17.03 2009  B.Z.


Newspaper Nova Makedonija




Translated by Biljana Stefanovska