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The Children from Macedonia joined the world campaign for education

Children from across Macedonia marked Friday the campaign for their inclusion in education, entitled "Join Us! Right to Education Now", by symbolically forming human chain at city squares in several Macedonian towns. The campaign in Macedonia is being organised by the First Children's Embassy in the World - Megjasi. The central event of the campaign, which took place in Skopje, was attended by Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, who signed the guarantee for inclusion of all children in the education system.

-          Knowledge means power, treasure, strength and can  never be taken away from you. That is why education is essential, wrote PM Gruevski in the book of support for the campaign.

He underlined that the Government through the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy had been making efforts for the inclusion of those children that were left out of the education system, announcing that a project would began implementing as of 2008 that envisages provision of free textbooks for children whose parents are users of social welfare.

- As high as 50% of the Macedonian citizens have only primary or incomplete primary school education. This figure is stunning, since we're aiming at attracting big companies that would like to hire experts, said Gruevski, adding that the motion by the Democratic Reconstruction of Macedonia on establishing Ministry of Science would be reviewed.

Gruevski stated that the Government had launched a project for construction of over 100 schools, 180 sports halls, which are to be completed no later than 2009.-Од септември ќе се изучува англискиот јазик од прво одделение


The campaign's aim is to express solidarity with over 80 million children in the world, i.e. over 18,000 children in Macedonia, who are not going to school.



According to the executive director of the First Embassy in the World-Megjasi, Dragi Zmijanac, the objective was the children to voice their demands. - They did it in the best possible way, he said.

Schools from all over Macedonia participated in the event together with several civic organisations (Sunflower, Peace and El Hilal). Mobile operator "Kosmofon" is partner of the campaign.