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No one asked how do we do after the horrific sexual torture mu little girl suffered, says our interlocutor.According to the experts, children victims of pedophilia are left on their own to go through the terrible traumas and psychological disorders, rising up from the sexual abuse. They accuse the Centers for social welfare of taking improper and superficial actions. Mother of a nine year old girl, who was continually abused by her father throughout a whole year, stated that even after two years the child lives in fears.

-My daughter is afraid to go out  fearing that she may encounter her father who is still free tough he has been sentenced on three years- says our interlocutor. She explains that the institutions confirmed that the child is suffering other grave fobias and falls behind with the learning, but they do not offer any help.

- No one asked how do we do after the horrible sexual torture mu little girl suffered. It’s all on me, to fight with her fears. I’m looking for help from the nongovernmental sector-she says. The Nongovernmental organizations confirm they take actions only after they get incentive by the media, but that very soon they got back to superficial actions.

-Improper actions are quite often on behalf of the Centers for Social welfare. There are cases when instead of casting away the bully from the family, the social workers take away the children and took them to orphanages, though the mother wants to keep them. Thus traumatizing the children twice. First when they are sexually abused, and the second time when they are taken away from the family and the home-explains Gordana Pirkovska-Zmijanac, founder of the First Children’s Embassy in the World -Megashi. In another typical example, the sexually abused girl with excessive bleeding, after the medical treatment is returned in the environment where the terrible act took place, though the bully has not been identified yet.

            Zmijanac regards that the Social centers are not appropriately equipped, they are not mobile, and they need additional training. In the Ministry for Labor and Social politics, together with the other ministries aware of the above mentioned, created action plan for handling and preventing of the pedophilia.

-         The centers work hard, but they lack staff, so we use services form health institutions. We made research and sent and claim to the government for employing of 60 social workers, and psychologists. I hope it will receive positive answer and that we may form 30 centers throughout the whole country, so as we may fight more successfully with the ever growing number of victims of sexual abuse and other kind of violence-says Dushko Minovski, Ministry under-secretary

Victims get real help in the developed world

In the developed countries, immediately after the conclusion that the child is victim of sexual abuse, a team of police representatives, Centers for Social welfare and other institutions is formed and deployed to help the victim. The process begins with intensive psychological and psychiatric help. The team follows the child development, and if it is necessary even for five to six years, it helps the child to get through the process of reconciliation and its development in stabile person. Only with that kind of thorough and planned activity the child who is victim of sexual abuse may get over the horrible traumas, explains Svetlana Trbojevikj, from the Institute for Social Welfare and Politics at the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje.

Journalist Antonio Spasev

Dnevnik, 17.2.2009


Translated by Biljana Stefanovska