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Global Action Week 2008 - Shakira is the president of honorWith great pleasure I inform you that the music star Shakira is the president of honor on this year’s Global Week of Action; and as a supporter and active participant of this campaign she will do everything in her power to contribute this campaign -education for all-.

The Global Week of Action takes place each year in the purpose of reminding to the promise and to the goals, taken and presented in the year of 2000. The subject of GAW-2008 is: “Quality education for all: End of Illiteracy!”, “Politicians, return yourselves in school: It’s study time!”, which will occur on April 21st-28th. It will be put through different activities, from which as a central activity is indicated the World’s Biggest Lesson (WBL) on April 23rd.   

WBL is intended to take place in as more schools as possible throughout our country. In order to accomplish this goal together, it’s highly welcomed and needed your support in organizing the biggest school lesson, which will be hold simultaneously in over 200 countries in the world and it will enter as a record in the Guinness Book of Records.

In 2000, the leaders of all the countries in the world, rich and poor, took an obligation in adopting goals and directions of ending the global poverty and to make the world a better place for everyone. The most important of them were “Education for all” (EFA) a goal adopted by over 180 countries in Dakar, 2000.  
The goals of Education for all, which should be realized till the year of 2015 are:

Increasing the early child care and education;
Providing free and obligatory education for all;
Encouraging studying and life skills for young people and adults;
Increasing in the literacy ( science education) for adults for 50%;
Sex equality regarding the education possibilities till 2005;
Improving the quality of the education.