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Fund for Supporting Children and Young Victims of Sexual Abuse
As a result of the everyday news and cases of sexual abuse on children and young people in Macedonia, CIRa and the First Children’s Embassy in the World-Megjashi started a Campaign for collecting assets from the citizens and the companies for creating a Fund for supporting children and young people – victims of sexual abuse in Macedonia.

The initiative is supported by public people, media and civil association from Republic of Macedonia (in addition, look at the list of supporters).

The aim of the campaign is collecting assets for supporting the children and young victims of sexual abuse and their families, as well as realization of activities for overcoming the consequences of sexual abuse: legal support, psycho-social work with the victims, help and support to the victims for integration in the society, realization of informative and educative campaigns for prevention of sexual abuse of the children and young people (more about how the assets are going to be allocated, look at www.cira.org.mk).

We invite you to give a contribution in creating a Fund for supporting the children and young people-victims of sexual abuse through:

Donation of 100 denars through calling on one of these telephone numbers (please call on the number as your mobile operator is):

        VIP:               077 143-403

        T-Mobile:      070 143-404

        Cosmofon:     075 143-550

Donation of financial assets on these hard account:

CIRa Skopje: 300000002760559

Komercijalna Banka

With remittance for: Fund for supporting children and young victims of sexual abuse

Organising initiatives in your organisation/institution/company or team, each employee to donate an amount (as he finds) from its salary monthly in the Fund. (Some companies encourage the employees to donate more with an offer for making double of the total amount what is going to be collected monthly). If there is an interest, members of CIRa can make a presentation in front of the employees and the management for the simplest for organising on this action.
Donation or sponsorship on products and/or services from you, your organisation or company:
Services fro help to the children and young people (legal support, expert psychological help, etc);

Product for help to the children (toys, cloths, shoes, books, etc.)

Volunteers for supporting the campaign and/or the organisation of the events for collecting assets (open studio with the stars and humanitarian concert), that are going to be on 19 November 2008.
You are invited to take active participation in this campaign which is going to happen to the end of November 2008. Please tell your family, your friends, colleagues and business partners to support this civil initiative and to give its contribution for successful overcoming of sexual abuse on the children and young people. Send this e-mail to them and talk about that. If there is any idea which one will contribute toward successful realisation of this campaign, please suggest us! All kind of initiatives are welcomed!!!

There are also another opportunities for support the initiative for creating a Fund for supporting the children and young victims of sexual abuse, about which you can find more on the web site on CIRa: www.cira.org.mk

If you have any query or idea about donation in the Fund, please be free to contact CIRa or Megjashi on the contacts written down. CIRa as an organisation which works on promotion on the Law for donations and sponsorships in public services, offer you support for implementation on the procedure for using the taxes facilitation.

Every two weeks CIRa and Megjashi will give information about the collected assets, the list of supporters, as well as the forthcoming activities, on the web sites www.cira.org.mk and www.childrensembassy.org.mk  with announcements for the publicity and through e-mail (if you do not want to get any more information about the campaign, please be free to tell us for cancelling you from the CIRa       e-mail list for this Fund).

Be an active supporter to the campaign and say STOP for sexual abuse on children and young people.

Thanks for your care for the children and young people-victims of the sexual abuse in Macedonia.

Donate in the Fund for their support!

Yours faithfully,

Zoran Stojanovski
Executive Director
Center for Institutional Development-CIRa

Dragi Zmijanac
Executive Director
First Children’s Embassy in the World-Megjashi


CIRa: tel. 02-311-4855 lok.105; mob. 071-248-209; e-mail: zorans@cira.org.mk and cira@cira.org.mk

Megjashi: tel. 02-2465-316; mob. 070/075 255-372; e-mail: dzmijanac@childrensembassy.org.mk  and info@childrensembassy.org.mk