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First Children's Embassy in the World “ Megashi”, Republic of Macedonia, conducts a campaign for responsible parenthood with more care and love towards children for the third time, but now with the slogan

For that purpose, six motives for billboards with different family situations have been made: parents who are too busy and have no time to pay attention to their children and to talk with them, and parents who devote attention and time to their children and talk with them about everyday activities and different children’s occupations.

The Embassy “Megashi” through 42 billboards in the City of Skopje and 18 billboards in the other towns in Macedonia shall convey the message that we should pay more attention and devote more time to the children. Children need talk, they need to be asked how do they feel, how did they do at school, how did they do with their friends, how to manage all the educational programs and everything in the sphere of their needs and interests.

This Campaign is continuation of the campaign “Did you hug your child today?” and “Did you tell your child how much you love him/her?” which were conducted by the first children’s Embassy in the World ”Megashi” at the beginning of  2007 and 2008. The aim of the campaign is stimulation of responsible parenthood. The more love is shown to children by hugging and kissing them and telling them “I love you”, the more they like to prove they deserve the love. Love is a crucial factor in building the children’s self confidence and self respect. But, hugging and saying “I love you” alone, are not enough. Talk is necessary…

This year the campaign is also conducted in partnership with Accent Media that handed over 60 locations throughout R. Macedonia for placing the billboards. Illustrations are made by Smile Cvetanovski, an illustrator. The data from our SOS phone number for children and youth 0800 12222 (toll-free) show that the children are more and more and lonely and detached. That parents pay them less and less attention and devote less time to talk to them.

Our aim is to stimulate more responsible parenthood.