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Child sick from cancer, victim of violence in the orphanage for Children Without Parents.According to the First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi

Scared from the whole situation, the eleven year old boy said that he will throw himself in front of a car if they try to bring him back to the orphanage.

The Home for children without parents “October 11” was asked for an official report for the case. The request was made by Children’s Embassy Megjashi so they can comment the accusations further on.

An eleven-year-old boy from Pehchevo, who is sick from cancer, said that he has been beaten from the teachers at the institution -orphanage for children without parents “11 Oktomvri” in Skopje, where he has been settled for a while. He escaped from the institution - orphanage, and got back home in Pehchevo. Scared from the whole situation, the kid said that he will throw himself in front of some car if they return to the orphanage again. The child informed the first Children’s embassy in the World to know about this and said that his two year younger sisters have been beaten in the orphanage as well. “Mejgashi” rejected the violent act and urged the responsible institution to take action for resolving the case.

The child told us that one of the teachers was always slapping him cross the face always when he would ask to call his parents. He said that his sister after 3 to 4 slaps from her teacher stopped to ask to contact her parents. According to his mother, the kid has a developed tumor on the urinary bladder. She complained that in the Home he was not taking the therapy and they didn’t even change his underwear on a regular basis. The kids were left on them selves without care from some of the employees, beside that they were scared from the new surroundings – “Megjashi” informs.

Escape from the institution - orphanage

Yesterday, the orphanage for Children Without Parents and Parental Protection “11 Oktomvri” asked for an official report for the case from the First Children’s Embassy in the World. So far, we do not have an authorized text with signature and stamp from Children’s Embassy Megjashi. When we will get official report we can comment on the accusations – says Sonja Mitasheva – Josifovska, director of the Home. The mother of the sick child said that their kids were taken from her without any written information; instead of that, they just called her on the phone.

The child told us that he escaped from the orphanage for Children Without Parents and Parental Protection “11 Oktomvri” on Monday, December 22, 2008 from where an familiar adult transported him to Pehchevo. He called from his parents’ abode, and was still extremely and visibly anxious. Through tears he told us that he is very worried for his sister, and that he would prefer her to be home and not in the orphanage. He told us that he is thinking of throwing himself in front of a car if it is necessary for his sister to come back – explained from the first children embassy. According to the statement of the mother the child’s urine contained blood and he was afraid to go outside; he was also not going to school fearing that someone might take him back to the orphanage for Children Without Parents and Parental Protection.

The Center for Social Work in Berovo informed the parents that their children will be temporary settled in the orphanage for children “11 Oktomvri” and after that they will be returned to their home in Pehchevo. They promised them that the sick child will be taken to a doctor in Skopje, but they did not do that although knowing that the young boy was in a difficult medical state.

The case will be investigated

For this case, the national lawyer has been informed and due to this, Children’s Embassy Megjashi expects for the case to be investigated.

After this case we will raise some very important questions about the issue of  (non)protection of the children in Macedonia and care(lessness) of the institution, which not rarely knows not to protect and take care of the children and let them be in a healthier living environment. Instead of this, it traumatizes them and that imprints them with life consequences of the process of growing up – explain from Embassy Megjashi. The Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, informed that they will scrutinize the case very carefully and if they notice some irregularity in some institutional work they will take certain measures. According to the Ministry, the family from Pehchevo had extremely bad family relations, one of them being that the father of the minor children was an alcoholic who maltreated his children and the mother.

The father of the minors consume alcohol and against him there are many crime reports for breaking the public peace and for taking a part into fights. This family for the Center for Social Work is known since the year 2005, because they were protecting the mother and the children from family violence imprinted by the father. Beside that, the violence continued in this family – says the Ministry. The Center for Social Work in Berovo asked for trial for temporary observation of protection from family violence, with suggest-observation for obligatory treat from alcohol of the father and for taking him in Neuropsychiatry in Bardovci and prohibition to maltreat the two minors emotionally, who have witnessed the mother’s abuse. 

In the last visit of the social worker on December 19, 2008 the boy did not show any indications that he has been maltreated from the teachers in the orphanage and didn’t say if there were any other problems. The professional services saw that the child is sad because of his family, but he also accepts the explanation that he has to be returned home when they will have normal conditions in the family – explain from the Ministry.

INFO- without therapy and underwear

The child explained the case in Children’s Embassy Megjashi and said that he and his two-year younger sister have been beaten in the Home. The teachers slapped them every time when they would ask to call their parents. His mother complained that his boy didn’t take the therapy 20 days and also they didn’t change their underwear normally. The Ministry for social work and politics let us know that will look at the case carefully.

Aleksandar Manasiev