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Beginning of the campaign: See it, hear it, say it.

7th of November, 2008

The issue of child abuse in our country is more than serious!!! The cases of abusing children have become a daily incident!!! The children are beaten, used, and abused

The First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi is concerned for the children that are enveloped by this difficult situation. The embassy continuously implements activities that are protecting and applying the rights of the children. The embassy reacts, raises the public awareness, and seeks fairer and stricter punishments against the guilty ones. When we register a case of violence or a case of breaking the children’s rights, we turn to the Ombudsman, the Public prosecutor, the centers for social work, the ministries, the police department and the schools. The information gathered from our SOS phone line for children and youth (0800 1 2222) shows a rapid growth of child abuse and violence (over 17300 calls in the 15 years). In 2008 from a total of 251 calls concerned with child abuse and violence (including the month of October) the data showed is 32,5%. And in 2007 that percentage was 13,4%.

With an intention to encourage the children, the parents, the neighbors, and the closest ones not to be quiet about any form of violence but to report it, we start with the campaign Notice it, hear it, say it. Subsequently, the intention is to influence the creation of better parenthood and to raise the awareness for the need of support and help for the children. Because of this the campaign’s motto is The parents who beat their children want to hide that.

The press conference was held on the 7th of November in the offices of the First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi.

On the press conference, the journalists were presented with several cases of physical abuse upon children from our SOS phone line for children and youth, and from the Free legal department.

On the press conference, introductory statements were given to: m-r Dragi Zmijanac, executive director and founder of the First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi, Vojislav Stojanovik general manager of ABA DDB add agency, and Tatjana Janevska, coordinator of the project.

The campaign is a part of the international project Childhood without violence – towards a better system of child protection in Eastern Europe, which in Macedonia was implemented by the First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi, in partnership with the Foundation No Ones Children, and supported by ABA DDB, Akcent Media, Data Pons, Lazov Group, Dnevnik, Vest and Vreme.