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The Global Action Week 2007 Team met with President Branko Crvenkovski 
On the occasion of the campaign JOIN UP! Education Rights Now! On 25.04.2007 Wednesday, in 01.00 P.M., delegation of children and representatives of the First Children’s Embassy in the World- Megjashi had a meeting with the President of Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Branko Crvenkovski.

The aim of the meeting was to remind the Assembly of Republic of Macedonia in 1993 ratified the Convention of Children’s Rights and obliged to respect it.

In the conversation, the President Branko Crvenkovski emphasized the need of cooperation with the media in order to raise the public awareness to eradicate the number of 18.000 children not included in education.

 It was also discussed of the issue, whose responsibility are the children not included in the elementary schools, where the conclusions was that the responsibility cannot fall  only on the parents but also on the School Directors and the Mayors under which jurisdiction are the elementary schools. During the conversation with the President, it was also discussed about the role of the Mayors in reduction of the number of children not going to school.

Last year President Crvenkovski expressed his support with the signing of a Declaration for reduction of the number of children that are not included in education.