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STOP! To the violence against children

The First Children’s Embassy in the World- Megjashi started a campaign against the violence over children in Macedonia 

Stirred by the last cases of  almost to death beaten children, as well as by the devastating increase of number of calls regarding violence (18,6%  in 2006 while only 2% in 2000y.) on our SOS helpline for children and youth 0800 1 22 22 (toll-free), we have decided to start a campaign for raising the public awareness for the need of child protection from every form of violence, also to appeal the public to report the violence. Divided in different location around the centre of Skopje, starting form the beginning of February, 15 billboards with different messages can be seen: “Have you hugged your child today?” and "STOP! To the violence against children”.

billboard 1    
("Have you hugged your child today?")    

 billboard 2
("Have you hugged your child today?")   

 billboard 3
("Have you hugged your child today?") 


billboard 4
("STOP! to the violence against children")

The campaign will last one month, and everyone willing to support the Children’s Embassy’s activities , may do so by calling or sending SMS to the numbers 075/ 14 34 24 (within the Cosmofon network), and 070/ 14 34 24 (within T-Mobile network), with which you will donate 50,00 denars and 100, 00 denars respectively, or on our bank account:

First Children’s Embassy in the World- Megjashi
Stopanska Bank A.D. Skopje

Special gratitude to Akzent Media for the free of charge billboards, Macedonian Telecommunications for the toll-free SOS helpline and Cosmofon and T-Mobile for the special numbers for donations for this campaign.

In hope that this campaign will motivate the adults to dedicate more love and attention to the children, the First Children’s Embassy in the World thanks you for your support.